The Best Tips To Decorate With Colors And Paint

Use The Color

This is a list of decorating tips to use the color properly, creating an original and renewed environment through the combinations of colors and the proper use of paint. You will see how simple it is to use colors and paint to enhance the appearance of interior environments easily. You should use some of these simple techniques in your home.

Create Accents Or Emphasis

You do not have to use color without rhyme or reason, on the contrary ... there must be a coherence in the chromatic palette used in the decoration of any environment. One of the best techniques is to use an intense tone to create enhancement in different functional and decorative elements. Here is an example of the orange as an accent.

Use The Rule 60 - 30 - 10

This is a methodology that will help you choose in what proportions you should use each of the colors in any space. It is about using 60% of a dominant tone, generally a neutral one, 30% of another subordinate tone and combining with the previous one, and leaving 10% for the color accents of the previous point. Read more about the proportions rule.

Paint original ceilings

One way to create these accents or colorful details is painting the ceiling of a shade other than white. The atmosphere will look more attractive and original. Some examples of this in the note paint the ceilings in full color.

 Use fluorine colors

Another way to create emphasis is with fluorine or neon colors. In specialized stores you can get different objects, including special paintings to color your home.

Combine the wallpaper

Using wallpaper, or wallpaper, is a decorative resource to highlight a wall or some area of ​​the room or bedrooms. But the wallpaper and the color of the rest of the walls must be carefully chosen to combine with each other. How to do this? all in the note combine the wallpaper with the painting .


Decorate in color blocking: If you want to make your home an even more original site, you can use the technique of decorating with blocks of color. It is customary to use a varied palette of intense colors and use them in furniture, painting and different elements. Here more about color blocking in decoration.

Use the multicolor: And if you dare to always have full color decoration at hand. Here the multicolored intense tones are the star of the setting. It is usually used as an accent in white environments and very well lit.

Combine pastel colors: But if you find this intensity too stressful, you always have soft tones at hand. If you dedicate yourself to combining pastel colors, you will obtain luminous spaces, a very delicate and charming climate.

Highlights a wall

Perhaps one of the most used resources, but well applied can make a common space a special place. Using an intense color on a wall creates a focal point, sectors spacious environments and looks very nice. Read more about the best colors to highlight a wall.

 Paint a mural

 And if the above creates a prominent sector, let alone a painted landscape, or any other reason on a particular wall. Although for this it is necessary to have a little more talent, there are techniques that can help you, such as the use of a projector to paint a mural.

 Use slate paint

 But if you want to leave the work of muralist to the smallest of the house, painting a blackboard on a wall, in a door, and even in a piece of furniture is good strategy. You have different colors to accompany the rest of the decoration.


Use chalk paint

It is one of the fashion materials in the world of DIY and decoration. The painting chalk creates a smooth texture in furniture and small objects, also offers the possibility of creating aged effects and ease of application.

Decorate with aged paint

 In fact aged effects are a resource widely used in different decorative styles, such as Shabby Chic or Rustic. There are other very common and simple techniques to carry it out, such as cracking, patinas or decape.

Use metallic

 On the contrary, you can use the different metallic finishes: silver, gold, copper and others, and create a colorful and distinguished detail. Beware that it’s usually cause the opposite effect.

Paint geometric figures on the walls

You can find dozens of examples, and they are special for bedrooms, living rooms or children's rooms. They are very easy to make and will surely give a unique touch to the space. Here are some examples to paint the walls with geometric figures.

Paint striped walls

 Wider or narrower, horizontally or vertically, stripes or stripes are very decorative if you choose the right combinations. They also produce interesting effects in the perception of space and the dimensions of environments.

 It combines paints of different brightness

another subtle way to create a nice detail is to use materials of the same tone but of different brightness. This technique is suitable for both walls and furniture.

Paint the staircase: If you have a staircase, it will be perfect to color it with a little creativity and paint. There are several designs on the web from painters Loveland that you can replicate in your home. You can see some examples in the note on painted stairs.

Make a patina or glaze: Patinas are simple decorative techniques to carry out. It is done by removing the paint with an element before it dries, revealing the previous color. Depending on the object with which it is made is the effect achieved, so we have the hairstyle, mopped and other patinas on walls.

Paint drawings and flourishes: just as if it were a canvas, you can use the walls to paint floral or abstract figures, just with a little paint and a delicate brush for art. This would be to craft and replace the classic decorative vinyl.

 Paint the entrance door: And finally there is always the possibility of painting the entrance door to your home so that it looks intense and attractive. Turquoise, blue, coral, red or yellow are some options. But whatever the color is, it's a good idea to give a happy welcome home.